Tony Khan’s All Elite Wrestling heavily depends on its partnership with Warner Bros Discovery for programming. Khan has actively worked to satisfy Warner Bros Discovery with AEW’s content and it appears Khan has now made a big promise regarding AEW’s streaming service.

Warner Bros Discovery has served as the proud home of AEW, airing popular shows like Dynamite, Rampage, and Collision. The exclusive deal between AEW and Warner Bros Discovery even resulted in the discontinuation of AEW Dark on YouTube.

During the post-show media scrum for AEW Dynasty, CEO Tony Khan addressed the possibility of AEW transitioning to streaming platforms. Khan acknowledged that fans can anticipate having access to the AEW library starting next year.

When questioned about the potential of AEW becoming exclusively available on streaming services, Khan responded thoughtfully, considering various factors. He mentioned that some sports have adopted this approach, distributing media rights across streaming and traditional linear TV platforms.


Currently, AEW is in an exclusive negotiation period with Warner Bros. Discovery, which Khan described as an incredible partnership. He expressed his appreciation for having wrestling broadcasts on TBS and TNT, emphasizing their importance as part of American tradition.

Looking ahead to 2025, Khan assured fans that they could expect the opportunity to stream AEW’s extensive library of content. With hundreds of episodes of Dynamite, over 100 episodes of Rampage, and an array of PPVs, along with the recent acquisition of Ring of Honor’s vast library, Khan emphasized the wealth of content available. Additionally, AEW’s partnership with New Japan Pro Wrestling adds further potential for content expansion.

Well it’s a great question. I think it’s something to consider. There are sports that have done that. When you look at different media rights, some people have split among a platform of streaming and linear TV, cable TV. We’re gonna have a lot of great options. Right now, I think we’re in an exclusive negotiating window with Warner Bros. Discovery, which is amazing. We have, really, an amazing relationship and I think it’s a great thing to have wrestling on TBS and TNT for the fans every week. It’s a great American tradition and I really, really love it. To me, I love being here. I can’t wait to keep talking and keep figuring it out. But I think you can count on, in 2025, at a minimum the opportunity to stream the amazing library that we’ve built. With hundreds and hundreds of hours, we’re going to get this figured out. I know in 2025, we’ll have a…now it’s crazy because we’ve done…we’re approaching 240 episodes of Dynamite. And we’ve done over 100 episodes of Rampage, we’re coming up on a year of Collision, we’ve done this amazing library of PPVs. 

Khan emphasized the importance of reaching fans across multiple platforms and expressed confidence in AEW’s ability to provide compelling content. He highlighted the success of recent shows like AEW Dynasty and Revolution, indicating a promising future with numerous options for fans to enjoy AEW programming across various platforms.

And when I’ve acquired Ring of Honor, that’s thousands of hours of great footage including the Sinclair years, the HDnet years, lots of great PPVs, events, the original All In…and we have a great partnership with New Japan Pro Wrestling and they have a great library. There’s so many opportunities for not only our own content but to bring in more. It’s gonna be really interesting to see in 2025…I think we’ve shown now with the debut of AEW Dynasty, we’ve got this amazing track record of delivering on PPV events, so there’ll be so much great content. But for the future of Dynamite, Rampage, Collision…I think there’s an opportunity to reach fans across multiple platforms and really after doing a great show like this and great shows like Revolution and the run we’ve been on lately, it bodes really well for us having a lot of great options for next year.

We have already reported that AEW could possibly be nearing an agreement with Warner Bros Discovery for the media rights deal, so we’ll have to see what kind of streaming service AEW will get in the end.

Are you looking forward to AEW getting a streaming service next year? Let us know in the comments!

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