WWE Universe has been gripped by intrigue as a series of cryptic events have unfolded both on television and across social media platforms over the past few weeks possibly leading to something interesting for WWE.

Fans were captivated as deliberate glitches and an eerie ambiance set the stage for a narrative shrouded in mystery. The company’s social media accounts added fuel to the fire with cryptic tweets that appeared and vanished in quick succession, further fueling speculation.

Tonight’s edition of Monday Night RAW was no different as it majorly hinted at the revelation of the mystery soon. Right before Chad Gable began to speak on RAW with The Alpha Academy accompanying him to the ring, the QR code flashed on the screen.

When clicked, it brought you to a binary code with the correct answer playing a video. It starts off with the text ‘Coming Soon’ that transitions into a point of view looking at an estranged house from a distance. The person behind the camera then goes close to the door and throws a note before running into the shadows with ominous images appearing at the end. Moreover, some Bray Wyatt eastern eggs were also seen in the binary code.


Speculation has run rampant regarding the mastermind behind these puzzling occurrences, with many theories pointing to the possible return of Bray’s brother, WWE superstar Bo Dallas, perhaps reviving his previous persona as Uncle Howdy. As the weeks progress, anticipation mounts as fans eagerly await WWE’s unveiling of the mystery.

What are your thoughts on the QR code mystery prevalent in WWE for weeks? Sound off in the comments!

Nikunj Walia

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