Bill Goldberg may have reached the end of his wrestling journey.

Last year, Goldberg revealed his agreement to wrestle Roman Reigns in February 2022, with the condition of receiving proper retirement match afterward, complete with fanfare and celebration. However, that match never materialized, leaving Goldberg feeling disappointed that Vince McMahon had broken his promise.

Since departing from WWE at the end of last year, speculation has been rife about Goldberg’s potential final match taking place outside the confines of WWE. However, in a recent interview with 93.7 The Ticket, Goldberg provided an update on his retirement match plans, indicating that they’ve taken a backseat for now.

“I’ll be perfectly honest with you. I’ve kind of put that on the back burner,” Goldberg admitted. “Right now, I’ve segued into dad, first and foremost, and husband and car host. I’m just having fun at my garage. So I really don’t have a lot of time right now to dedicate to prepping for a retirement match.”


Goldberg’s primary focus has shifted to his son, Gage, as he navigates the transition from high school to college football. Earlier this year, Gage committed to the University of Colorado Boulder, aiming to pursue both athletic and academic endeavors—a journey reminiscent of Goldberg’s own college football experience three decades ago at the University of Georgia Bulldogs. Understanding the challenges ahead for his son, Goldberg is fully dedicated to preparing Gage for this significant life phase.

“I’m trying to do everything I can in my power 24/7 to get our boy [Gage] prepped for the next phase of his life,” Goldberg emphasized. “And in all honesty, that’s the most important thing I could ever have going. Whether I was ready to step in the ring right now or not, I’d put it all on the back burner for this boy. It’s going to be tough, man.”

As Goldberg focuses on guiding his son through this pivotal transition, the possibility of his final wrestling match remains uncertain. Will Goldberg eventually step back into the ring for one last bout, or has his wrestling journey truly come to an end? As fans eagerly await the answer, Goldberg’s unwavering commitment to his family shines through, showcasing the importance of fatherly guidance above all else.

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