WCW Icon Goldberg, who is currently free agent, has remained out of the wrestling world for some time now and has even outrightly refused to comment on the allegations faced by his previous employer, Vince McMahon.

The former WWE Executive Chairman of TKO Group Holdings has been accused by former WWE employee Janel Grant of sex trafficking and sexual misconduct. Despite facing such allegations, McMahon is leading good life after his recent whereabouts were revealed while his legal team is on the move to put an end to this lawsuit.

When asked about the allegations against McMahon during an interview with 93.7 The Ticket, Goldberg declined to comment, stating that everyone is entitled to their own opinions. He suggested that it wouldn’t be fair for individuals to form opinions without having all the facts.

The former WWE Universal Champion emphasized that he wasn’t present during the alleged incidents and therefore felt it wasn’t his place to weigh in. He acknowledged that, like any workplace, there were both good and bad times during his tenure with WWE. However, he refrained from expressing a personal opinion on the matter.


“No, I really don’t. Everybody has an opinion, and again, it’s kind of like me asking you how you felt about your head coaches throughout the years, about your general managers throughout the years. It’s not fair for anybody to give an opinion based upon their own opinion and not be run through the wringer by other people based upon what they think of that. Because they weren’t there. So as in all bosses, I think, former bosses, I mean, we had good times, and we had bad times, but that it is what it is. The allegations and the things that have come to the forefront over the past six months or a year, I have no comment on it. It’s not my place. So I think that the current owners of the WWE are going to make decisions based upon what they believe, and I think the decisions they have made have been favorable to the masses. Again, I will be this objective guy in answering a question. But yeah, personally, I’m not gonna give you an answer because that’s a personal…professionally, that’s the answer that I can give you because I try to be as professional as possible.”

 While Vince McMahon no longer receives vocal support within WWE amidst the lawsuit and people like Goldberg who made the possible right decision not to comment without knowing the facts, only time will tell when Vince will see the end of the tunnel in his battle against Janel Grant.

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