Since Triple H took the reins of main roster creative from Vince McMahon in the summer of 2022, WWE has witnessed a flurry of changes, with new stars ascending while others have taken a step back from the spotlight.

Among those conspicuously absent from WWE screens in 2024 is Nikki Cross. Known for her portrayal of a wild character on WWE programming, Cross underwent a significant transformation in June 2021, debuting a new persona as Nikki ASH, complete with superhero-inspired attire.

The acronym “ASH” stood for ‘Almost A Superhero,’ marking a departure from her previous persona towards a more lighthearted and comedic portrayal. Despite initial skepticism, Cross found considerable success with the character, enjoying a substantial push during that period.

During her tenure as Nikki ASH, she achieved significant milestones, including winning the 2021 Money in the Bank match and capturing the Raw Women’s Title. Subsequently, she transitioned back to her former character, continuing to feature prominently on Raw. However, her last in-ring appearance occurred on the November 6th episode of Raw, where she competed in a battle royal. Prior to that, she was booked for an October 23rd episode of Raw.


Despite her absence from television screens, reports from PWinsider indicate that Nikki Cross has maintained a regular presence at WWE TV events.

Nikki Cross’s absence from WWE programming raises questions about her future direction and potential return to the spotlight. Will we see the return of Nikki ASH, or is another evolution in store for the talented performer? As the WWE landscape continues to evolve, the fate of Nikki Cross remains uncertain.

What are your thoughts on Nikki Cross’s absence from WWE television? Do you miss seeing her on-screen, or are you excited about the prospect of her potential return? Share your thoughts and speculations in the comments below!

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