With WWE always in flux, it’s interesting to hear The Undertaker talk about how much Triple H has been driving these positive changes within the promotion lately. The wrestling veteran recently shared his thoughts on Triple H’s leadership since taking over, explaining that he’s really tuned into what’s going on, not just with storylines and characters, but also how he’s treating the talent backstage.

In a recent episode of “Six Feet Under” podcast, WWE legend The Undertaker shared his glowing praise for Paul “Triple H” Levesque. He discussed Triple H’s significant impact on the company’s recent positive changes and commended his ability to connect with today’s talent, emphasizing his mentorship role and knack for fostering a supportive environment.

“He’s always had that mind for the business,” Taker said. “He’s always had a really good comprehension of the business. Not only ideawise and being kind of in tune with our audience for the most part. He also knows how to deal with the athletes now. His demeanor and the way that he interacts with talent is really good. When I’m around, I kind of watch from afar and it’s just a really good mentor type. He’s wearing a lot of hats but his demeanor and the ability to lock in with today’s talent, it’s different than it used to be.”

Reflecting on their past collaborations in the ring, The Undertaker talked about the chemistry he shared with Triple H and their collaborative storytelling. He also praised Triple H’s adaptability to the evolving landscape of professional wrestling, debunking notions of them being ‘soft’ and instead attributing it to the shifting dynamics of the industry.


“He was one of my favorite people to get in the ring with. We had amazing chemistry and he always had a good idea of the story and where it would go…he understands that the business is evolving, the business and the talent is evolving and it’s a different mindset in the way that they approach things and interact with. It’s just different. I’ve been accused of calling some of the talent soft and it’s not so much that they’re soft. It’s just a different time period. Decade by decade, everything changes and Triple H is able to relate and get his message and his vision across to today’s talent. That’s key to being able to have that open line of communication, which I think most talent feel like they have with him and a trust level. Just his ideas alone, they’re modern. They’re with what’s going on in society.”

The Undertaker’s comments highlight the positive reception Triple H has received from both fans and talent alike, signaling a promising future for WWE under his leadership. As Triple H continues to steer the company towards progressive changes, it remains to be seen where he takes WWE next! Stay tuned to Ringside News for more!

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Shubham Banerjee

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