Former AEW World Champion Kenny Omega has made startling allegations against Marigold founder Rossy Ogawa, who is poised to collaborate with WWE. Ogawa’s presence at WWE NXT Stand & Deliver, alongside Giulia, who is set to officially join WWE, has sparked controversy.

In recent Twitch stream, Omega openly criticized Ogawa, labeling him an ‘e-drone’ and warning women in wrestling to steer clear of his business practices. Omega hinted at widespread reluctance to work with Ogawa, both within WWE and AEW, citing concerning reasons.

“There are a lot of people who refuse to work for him for the very same reason. Some of those people are in WWE. Some are in AEW. They have a very good reason.”

Omega also alleged that Ogawa is involved in questionable activities, including featuring underage girls in revealing swimsuit calendars. While Omega refrained from delving into further details, he expressed reluctance to be embroiled in legal disputes.


Omega concluded his remarks by expressing caution to Marigold performers and expressing solidarity with Asuka, who has previously accused Ogawa of creating STARDOM to undermine her.

These allegations cast a shadow over WWE’s impending collaboration with Marigold, raising concerns about the partnership’s integrity. Despite fans’ anticipation for WWE’s alliances with other promotions, Omega’s claims underscore the need for thorough scrutiny of the deal with Marigold.

What are your thoughts on Kenny Omega’s recent allegations against Rossy Ogawa and the implications they have for WWE’s collaboration with Marigold? Do you believe Omega’s claims raise legitimate concerns about the integrity of the partnership, or do you think there may be other factors at play? Share your opinions on this unfolding situation and your perspective on the potential impact on the wrestling industry in the comments below!

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