Jade Cargill is eyeing future rivalries and potential championship reigns, especially in the wake of Rhea Ripley’s unfortunate injury-forced relinquishment of the WWE Women’s World Championship on RAW. While Liv Morgan and others fight for the vacant title, Cargill is positioning herself for a shot at the championship as she hopes to be holding the belt when Ripley returns from injury.

During an appearance on The Babyfaces Podcast, Cargill discussed her aspirations for future matchups, citing unfinished business with Nia Jax and expressing anticipation for a showdown with Ripley upon her eventual return.

“I have some unfinished business with Nia Jax. That would be great. I think that would be an amazing match. Rhea Ripley, obviously she’s injured right now, but I know she is going to comeback and hopefully I’m holding that belt when she comes back. One thing I know is how to hold a streak down and how to go out there, dominate, and kick butt. That would be a great match as well. Eventually, if things don’t work out, I think we’re doing phenomenal right now, but Bianca. That’s something people have always wanted to see. Us working alongside each other right now in the same right, out there with Naomi, we were all part of different promotions as of last year. It’s a phenomenal thing to see.”

As things stand, Cargill is making waves in WWE, particularly in her tag team partnership with Bianca Belair, as they set their sights on the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles. With her sights set on both singles and tag team success, Cargill’s ambition and determination are evident. Stay tuned to Ringside News for more!


Exciting times ahead in the WWE women’s division! Who do you think will hold the title when Rhea Ripley returns? Drop your comments below!

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