Adam Copeland has established himself as a prominent figure in AEW’s roster since his debut at WrestleDream. Copeland has captivated audiences with his in-ring prowess week after week. Recently, he opened up about the importance of having more creative control for wrestlers.

During an interview on “This Is Vancolour” with host Mo Amir, Copeland shared his thoughts on Canadian wrestlers’ reputations in the industry and Copeland’s personal growth as a performer. He reflected on his earlier career experiences, where he felt compelled to accept any material given to him, comparing it with his present mindset of confidently rejecting ideas he is not comfortable with.

Moving on in the discussion, Copeland stated that the industry has come a long way in recognizing the need for performers to have more control in their creative direction. Copeland’s remarks shed light on the importance of trusting oneself and maintaining artistic integrity in a demanding industry like professional wrestling.

“Now I have the confidence in myself, confidence as a performer to know “nah I don’t got to do that”, I bring more than that to the table … So that’s nice that the industry has grown from that because it’s easy to go for low-hanging fruit, and I think that’s one thing wrestling did a lot of and thankfully has learned its lesson.” 


While addressing aspiring wrestlers on the independent circuit, Copeland offered advice about navigating uncomfortable situations. He encouraged them to consider not only their immediate comfort but also the long-term impact of their decisions on their careers and personal well-being. Copeland stressed the power of saying “no,” affirming that there is strength in setting boundaries.

“What are you comfortable with? But not only what are you comfortable with, but what are you comfortable living with possibly forever … I don’t think there’s anything wrong with no matter what your age going “nah, I think I’m good.” You know, the power of no is a beautiful thing.” 

Meanwhile, Copeland is preparing for his upcoming appearance at “AEW Dynasty,” where he will join forces with Eddie Kingston and Mark Briscoe to take on the formidable “House of Black” in a trios match. It remains to be seen if Copeland manages to come out with a win in his bag. Stay tuned to Ringside News for more!

What are your thoughts on Adam Copeland’s comments about the importance of learning to say ‘no’ to certain ideas in the wrestling industry? Let us know in the comments below!

Shubham Banerjee

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