Saraya is hailed as pioneer for women’s pro wrestling and she has ensured that fans take notice of her no matter what. However, she hit back at trolls for disregarding her brother’s sacrifice in wrestling.

Saraya took to Twitter recently and shared an emotional post about her brother, Zak Zodiac, who has been working in AEW since October. She expressed her pride in her brother’s dedication to his career, noting that he has only had around 20 days fully at home since he began working for AEW because he has been putting in a lot of effort for the promotion.

Despite the hard work and sacrifice, Saraya mentioned that Zak was able to go home early and surprise his wife and children with over three weeks at home. She highlighted how significant this moment was for her brother and how it was a dream come true for him.

”If this doesn’t make you tear up you’re a cold cold person. My brother has been grinding in @AEW since October and only had 20 or so days fully at home because he wanted to grind for them. So getting the opportunity to get home early to his wife and to surprise his kids for over 3 WEEKS is a dream come true. Not long now until they move over here to America 🥹🥹 helluva sacrifice for your dream until that point though bro. I’m so proud of you @TheZakZodiac ❤️ Thanks to @AEW and @TonyKhan for making this happen 🫶🏻”


Her comment led to a lot of people claiming what her brother does is nothing special as everyone makes sacrifices. This led to Saraya going after trolls, especially one who claimed Zak Zodiac was only away for three weeks. She clarified that he was gone for 6 months.

He gets to be home for 3 WEEKS. It’s actually been 6 months. Nice reading ability though Goon

Saraya would then argue that taking flights every week is also part of the grind and hit back at people who claimed that this is not part of the grind.

”That IS a grind. That’s rough on your body to be traveling so much, switching time zones etc.. People taking this as an opportunity to dog on ANYONE is too chronically online. All wrestlers should be respected for what they do to be a success in this business. It’s a difficult job that we LOVE to do but it can be rough for different reasons.”

It is clear Saraya was aggravated by all the trolls who tried to make light of her brother’s struggles as well as pro wrestlers in similar situations and there are a lot of fans who also agreed with what Saraya had to say.

Do you feel Saraya was in the right in this regard? Let us know in the comments section below!

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