Babatunde Aiyegbusi, formerly known as Dabba Kato and Commander Azeez during his time in WWE, was one of the wrestlers released by the company during the talent cuts in September 2023. Following his release, Aiyegbusi is now set to make his return to the wrestling ring with a new ring name.

Following his release from WWE during the talent cuts in September 2023, Aiyegbusi made a surprise appearance at Prime Time Wrestling in Poland on Sunday, February 4.

Prime Time Wrestling has announced that Aiyegbusi will challenge for Dawid “Puncher” Seńko’s PTW World Championship on May 11, using his new ring name, “Babathunder.” The announcement was made via PTW’s Instagram account.

‘We have the fight of the evening ahead of all the fights of the evening! 😱


PTW Championship Match
Dawid “Puncher” Seńko (C) vs. Babathunder

Prime Time Wrestling Champion David “Puncher” Senko at the Underground 21 gala confirmed excellent form in a phenomenal fight with Marius Al-Ani, in which he took away the so far undefeated German Austrian belt from PTW – WWA.

Representative Szczecin previously dominated more than twenty competitors in Gold Rush Rumble to become the federation’s premier champion and fulfill his mastery destiny.

But now the game changes, because in this fight, against this opponent, the champion will be the definite underdog!

Babathunder, formerly known as Dabba Kato and Commander Azeez is a fighter who until recently appeared in WWE and was terrifying in American rings.

Now born in Poland, the great man returns to his homeland to give viewers a show as great as himself.

We know we say this at every main event, but what to do when it’s true?


Get your tickets for the gala (new sectors opened! ) and we’ll see you in Legionow on May 11! LET’S GO! 🔥

Babathunder joined WWE in April 2016 and began his wrestling career on the NXT brand. He stayed with NXT until 2020, when he made his Raw debut as part of the Raw Underground brand. Babathunder’s most recent match took place on the September 9, 2023 episode of NXT, where he faced Tyler Bate and was defeated. We’ll have to see how he will fare in his upcoming bout.

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