Lola Vice, one of the most promising talents in WWE NXT, issued an open challenge on NXT a few weeks ago, daring anyone to face her in the ring and test their mettle against the Latina of Vice City.

To her surprise and that of the audience in attendance, WWE veteran Natalya answered the call. The appearance of the two-time WWE Women’s champion signaled a formidable challenge for Lola, who had been riding high on her perceived dominance in recent weeks.

Unfortunately for Lola Vice, Natalya’s cohort and fellow NXT star, Karmen Petrovich’s interference proved to be a costly distraction, providing Natalya with the opening she needed to execute a decisive roll-up and claim victory.

Since her loss, Lola has Natalya on her trail, most recently costing her the chance to become NXT Women’s Champion against Roxanne Perez who retained her title thanks to a timely assist by Vice. Sensing the brewing tensions, Lola and Nattie are now set to battle each other in an NXT Underground on Week 2 of NXT Spring Breakin.


However, in video released by WWE on Instagram, Lola Vice issued a warning to Natalya claiming that it was her world she was stepping into and she would find firsthand why her fists have fetched her three knockout victories in her career and she is destined to be number four.

“Natalya … in this wrestling world you are a legend, I ll give you that. But come NXT Underground, you’re entering my world and you’re gonna find out why these fists have three first round knockouts and you are about to be the fourth and when it’s all said and done, I’ll be having laying you flat on your face just like Justin Gaethje.”

As Lola Vice and Natalya gear up for this intensely physical bout, it will surely be a must-see action-packed encounter for NXT’s special edition, Spring Breakin.

Are you excited for the NXT Underground match between Natalya and Lola Vice? Sound off in the comments!

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