During his absence from the AEW scene due to broken foot, Darby Allin, the former two-time AEW TNT Champion, faced another setback as he suffered a new injury. The incident occurred at AEW Big Business where Jay White defeated Allin, followed by a brutal attack involving White, The Gunns, and others. The assault culminated in Bullet Club Gold inflicting further damage to Allin’s foot by placing it in a steel chair and striking it with Sting’s signature bat.

Subsequently, it was revealed that Allin’s injuries extended beyond his foot, as he also sustained a broken nose. This latest setback has not only disrupted his wrestling career but has also impacted his personal endeavors, as it forced him to postpone his planned Mount Everest climb.

Sharing photo on Instagram alongside some friends, Allin appeared wearing a badge over his broken nose, indicating the severity of his injuries. However, despite his resilience, it remains uncertain when Allin will be able to return to AEW programming.

As fans eagerly await updates on Darby Allin’s health and eventual comeback, Ringside News remains committed to providing the latest developments on his condition. Stay tuned for further updates on Allin’s journey to recovery and his anticipated return to the ring.


What are your thoughts on Darby Allin’s resilience in the face of adversity? How do you think his absence will impact the landscape of AEW? Share your opinions and well wishes for Allin’s recovery in the comments below.

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