The dawn of the new era in WWE has captivated audiences from the very beginning, with Cody Rhodes emerging as the cornerstone star. His remarkable victory over Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40, where he dethroned the Tribal Chief to claim the Undisputed WWE Championship, set the stage for an electrifying chapter in WWE history.

As WrestleMania season fades into memory, all eyes are now on Cody Rhodes as he prepares for his first title defense at WWE Backlash France next month, now revealed to be AJ Styles who defeated LA Knight on SmackDown this week.

In the midst of this excitement, WWE embarked on its annual United Kingdom tour for live shows, providing fans with unforgettable experiences. Rhodes, now adorned with the mantle of Undisputed WWE Champion, recently graced his first WWE house show, delivering a stirring speech that resonated with the audience and even advocated for the rich country to be the host of future WrestleMania.

The American Nightmare then moved forward on the live event circuit and wrestled in the famous O2 Arena in London for tonight’s UK tour show. Following a spectacular night, Cody took to his X to announce that 16,410 fans were in attendance for the memorable show to highlight its success.


“16,410 in the @TheO2 A night to remember.”

With the WWE Live Event business off to an impressive start under his Kingdome, Cody Rhodes moves forward and continues to embody the essence of a true champion, captivating audiences worldwide and igniting aspirations for the future of WWE.

What are your thoughts on the attendance number for the WWE Live Event in London as announced by Cody Rhodes? Sound off in the comments!

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