AEW President Tony Khan participated in a media briefing to discuss the upcoming AEW Dynasty 2024 pay-per-view event happening this Sunday, April 21, 2022. Below are the key highlights from the discussion.

Tony Khan started the call by telling everyone how pumped he is about AEW Dynasty. He thinks it’s going to be an awesome show and a super fun weekend. Khan mentioned that they’ll be in the hometown of the guy running the call, Jim Woodcock, in St. Louis. Then, they let people start calling in.

When asked about airing the All In footage, Khan mentioned that when the ratings were in, TBS reached out and congratulated him, expressing satisfaction with the performance, as ratings are the key metric for them. He emphasized that ratings serve as the primary source of feedback for the network. Khan believed that broadcasting the footage injected a lot of excitement into the upcoming tag team title match for the weekend.

When questioned if there was a scenario where he would step down as the booker and pass the reins to someone else, Khan acknowledged that no one stays in a position forever. He expressed that he’s currently enjoying his role more than ever. Khan approaches things with a year-to-year and moment-to-moment mindset. He noted the loyalty of many wrestlers to him at present and pledged to reciprocate their loyalty by doing his utmost to support them.


The following caller inquired about CM Punk’s claim that he paid for his own medical care while with AEW. Khan responded that usually, AEW covers medical expenses, but he needed to investigate further. He expressed skepticism about the situation, noting that it didn’t sound accurate to him. Khan stated that if it turned out to be true, he would reimburse Punk for those expenses. He emphasized that AEW typically shoulders the cost of medical care, particularly when injuries happen in the ring.

When questioned about the recent Nyla Rose/Oklahoma commission situation, Khan responded that he hadn’t been informed about the issue. He expressed disbelief, stating he didn’t think they had done anything wrong and was disappointed by the commission’s stance. Khan asserted that transgender individuals have rights, and both he and the company fully support Nyla Rose.

In response to questions about Jon Moxley’s schedule and his commitments to NJPW, Khan explained that decisions regarding Moxley’s appearances in NJPW are ultimately up to Gedo. However, when it comes to Moxley defending titles on AEW shows, it’s a mutual decision. While not providing a direct answer, Khan expressed anticipation for collaborating with NJPW on this matter.

When asked about their approach to running shows in states with transgender regulations like Oklahoma, Khan mentioned that he’s eagerly anticipating their 2024 schedule. He emphasized that they will carefully consider all factors and the evolving situation before making any decisions regarding Nyla Rose’s involvement in those states.

When questioned about the decision to offer more options for purchasing Dynasty domestically through streaming services, Khan expressed optimism about maintaining that availability in the future. However, he admitted uncertainty beyond the next three events. Khan noted the positive aspect of Warner Bros. Digital giving them the option to do so, describing it as “really cool.” He didn’t specify the exact factors that influenced the decision at this time.

Khan stated that the victor of the Bullet Club versus Gold Acclaimed match on Sunday would become the undisputed trios champions, implying that a unification is indeed underway. Khan added that an injury occurred this week, which prevented the announcement from being made earlier. However, he didn’t disclose the identity of the injured person or the extent of the injury.

When questioned about a year-over-year (YOY) comparison for the first quarter, Khan noted a significant increase in revenue. He attributed this rise to several factors: hosting more events with Collision, experiencing year-over-year growth in certain markets, achieving one of their highest-selling PPVs ever with Revolution, generating more PPV revenue overall, and receiving increased rights fees.

When asked about the release of the PPV schedule, Khan credited Kosha Irby and his marketing & arena bookings team for spearheading the initiative to publish the schedule early.

Khan discussed the launch of the Young Bucks’ Succession-inspired characters, which began in January, expressing his excitement about their potential. He mentioned having big visions for this storyline. Additionally, Khan revealed that Jesse Armstrong, the creator of Succession, is a big Fulham fan. He shared insights into their conversation about details like the entrance song, highlighting the collaboration between the wrestling world and entertainment industry.

Asked about potential bundling, making their library available, and streaming packages, Khan expressed that these aspects would be intriguing to explore with the next media rights deal. He conveyed his excitement about the prospect of making the AEW library available and anticipated it happening with the next deal. Additionally, Khan mentioned that they are currently in the exclusive negotiation window with WBD.

Khan expressed how wonderful it has been collaborating with CMLL. He shared that he had discussed with Kosha Irby that working for AEW would be unlike anything he had experienced before due to the company’s numerous partnerships and friendships within the industry, which Irby acknowledged. Additionally, Khan mentioned that the decision to bring in Carlos Cabrera was suggested by Mike Mansury, who had previously worked with him in WWE. Khan emphasized that they listened to fan feedback to enhance their Spanish language presentation.

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