Erick Redbeard, popularly known as Erick Rowan during his time in WWE, was released from the company in 2020 as part of the budget cuts. Since then, he has returned to the independent wrestling scene and has made appearances in various promotions.

During his tenure in WWE, Erick Redbeard was part of Bray Wyatt’s faction, The Wyatt Family, which also included Braun Strowman and Brodie Lee, and became renowned as a dominant force in WWE.

Redbeard then appeared on AEW television during the Brodie Lee tribute show in December 2020 and also made an appearance on WWE television following the passing of Bray Wyatt last summer.

Following his successful stint in the Indies, Dave Meltzer reported on the recent Wrestling Observer Radio episode that the former Wyatt Family member was headed back to WWE after four years away from the promotion.


This could very well tie in with the impending return of Bo Dallas, under his past gimmick known as Uncle Howdy with Rowan rumored to join a new faction led by him. Moreover, Erick Redbeard himself has hinted at possible return to WWE in the past. So it will be interesting to see if WWE does bring back two important figures from Bray Wyatt’s life to carry on his legacy further in the WWE.

Do you think Erick Redbeard’s return to WWE is imminent? If it does happen, will he join Uncle Howdy, whose comeback hints are dropped every single week? Sound off in the comments!

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