As WWE steps into a new era under the creative helm of Paul Levesque, the transition has been palpable in recent weeks. Embracing change, the company is steering its direction towards a renewed emphasis on pro wrestling, departing from the realms of sports entertainment that once defined its narrative.

In a recent episode of the Grilling JR podcast, veteran wrestling commentator Jim Ross shared his insights, endorsing WWE’s shift towards pro wrestling. “Logical as hell,” Ross remarked, “I’ve never looked at pro wrestling as a negative term. I’ve been a proponent of pro wrestling. That’s what we do; that’s what it is, so roll with it. Why not?”

Ross, having been an integral part of WWE during the heyday of sports entertainment, perceives the embrace of pro wrestling as a strategic move to distance the company from its longstanding association with Vince McMahon. This strategic pivot coincides with recent legal proceedings, including lawsuit filed against McMahon, WWE, and John Laurinaitis by former employee Janel Grant.

Ross elaborated, “That’s another — one of the waves goodbye to Vince. We’re not doing this thing anymore; we’re going to do pro wrestling, that’s what the business was predicated on, and any generation you look at, any territory you want to look at, it was all predicated on the success of the live events in these territories.”


Furthermore, Ross confessed his steadfast belief in the superiority of pro wrestling as a genre. He highlighted that the success of All Elite Wrestling can be attributed, in part, to Tony Khan’s ardent passion for pro wrestling.

The transition towards a pro wrestling-centric approach marks a significant departure for WWE, signaling a departure from its longstanding narrative under McMahon’s stewardship. As WWE navigates this transformative phase, the question looms: Will this evolution reinvigorate WWE’s connection with its audience, or will it alienate longtime fans accustomed to the spectacle of sports entertainment?

What do you think about WWE’s shift towards pro wrestling? Does it resonate with you as a fan, or do you prefer the traditional sports entertainment format? Share your thoughts and join the conversation below!

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