Rey Mysterio has accomplished a great deal in his long and illustrious career, being a legendary luchador. With that said, Mysterio has revealed his true feelings about fans sharing photos of his face without a mask.

Rey Mysterio is widely regarded as the most famous modern Luchador in professional wrestling. Apart from a brief period in WCW where he wrestled without his mask, he has consistently upheld the traditions of Lucha Libre and the significance of the mask for Luchadores since making his WWE debut in 2002.

In the age of social media, Rey Mysterio has been seen on various platforms without his mask on multiple occasions. He explains that this is acceptable because both the world and professional wrestling have evolved significantly since he first debuted in WWE 22 years ago.

White speaking during an interview with The Wrestling Classic, The Master of the 619 made it abundantly clear that he does not really mind fans posting photos of his face without a mask as things are different now.


You know, it’s something I really don’t mind. A lot of fans recognize me and it’s kind of like a new era of wrestling. For a while, I did wrestle without my mask and a lot of fans know me because of that. But overall, I always try to give the fans the time and respect if getting asked for a picture or being recognized to take that time to be able to take a picture with them. Some have actually asked me, ‘Is it okay if I post it?’ I always give them the okay, ‘Do whatever you want. It’s your picture now. If I took a picture with you, it’s because it’s okay.’ But I respect the fact and I appreciate that they ask me if it’s okay if they can post it.”

Rey Mysterio and Andrade defeated Dominik Mysterio and Santos Escobar at WrestleMania 40 last week. We will have to wait and see what’s next in store for Mysterio.

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