AJ Styles is widely regarded as one of the best pro wrestlers in the world by both fans and his peers. His consistent high-level performances and incredible athleticism have made him a mainstay in WWE and a standout figure in the world of professional wrestling. With reports suggesting that WWE is relaxing some of their PG guidelines, Styles may see this as an opportunity to explore new storylines and take on more intense and creative matches.

With Triple H now leading WWE’s creative vision, there has been a shift toward a more mature approach to storytelling. This change has been exemplified by moments such as allowing Cody Rhodes to bleed during an angle with The Rock, a practice that had been previously restricted.

While speaking to TV Insider, AJ Styles was asked about WWE pushing the boundaries of their PG rating. Styles made it clear he is looking forward to be able to do more under the circumstances.

”Whatever we need to do is what we need to do. We have to make sure we entertain. If that’s PG, PG-13, whatever it is. I will say it’s a little easier when you can do a little bit more. Doing it a little bit more is something I’m looking forward to.”


It remains unclear what the long-term mandate will be for the entire roster regarding language and content in promos and segments. Fans and talent alike will need to keep an eye out for any further developments or official announcements from WWE on this matter.

Are you looking forward to WWE becoming more TV-14 than PG now? Let us know in the comments section below!

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