The Rock had one of the most enthralling runs in WWE as part of the road to WrestleMania, channeling his dark side that was buried deep within and resurrected by the fans who rejected The People’s Champion in favor of the People’s Choice, Cody Rhodes.

With the fans siding with The American Nightmare, The Rock turned his back on the people and brought out the most villainous persona that he labeled as ‘The Final Boss’, an amalgamation of his Attitude Era and ‘Hollywood Rock’ persona.

Moreover, the viciousness of The Rock’s gimmick was evident when he launched a heinous assault on Cody Rhodes a few weeks ago on RAW that left him covered in his own blood outside the arena.

At WrestleMania 40 on Saturday, The Rock brought his Final Boss persona to the forefront in his tag team match, where he joined forces with his cousin, Roman Reigns to defeat Cody Rhodes and his partner Seth Rollins. He recently took to his X to share a compilation of the clips of beating up his opponents from his first match back after eight years as a reminder that it was a bad choice to ignite the anger of The Final Boss.


“Top 5 reasons to f*ck around and find out. – Final Boss @WWE @TKOGrp.”

As The Rock mentioned during his intense confrontation with the new Undisputed WWE champion Cody Rhodes on RAW this week, he would be taking a hiatus but vowed to be back soon, hinting at a possible one-on-one showdown against Rhodes at a major WWE PLE.

What are your thoughts on The Rock warning the WWE locker room not to mess with The Final Boss? Sound off in the comments!

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