Karrion Kross is renowned as one of the most dangerous and hard-hitting WWE superstars who has all the tools to ascend to the top of the WWE food chain and become a main event talent on the main roster.

Moreover, Kross recently displayed some incredible feats of strength in a recent training session, that he would call it so. The former NXT champion took to his X to drop a video of him using an exceptional technique of a straight ankle lock to break a baseball bat.

Moreover, Karrion Kross also stated that everything done by an individual should be carefully understood, practiced well to claim the result that they would seek to achieve, and most importantly, done under safety measures.

Yes, I will still do doubles.
But for now;
Breaking another baseball bat using the application of a straight ankle lock.


I think some people missed the point of the first demonstration.
The type of bat is not the point.

• BELIEVE in your technique! •

Practice how you play, understand and utilize the mechanics correctly- like anything in life, it will provide you with the result you’re looking for.

Base, lever, fulcrum, physics!
If attempted, take into consideration safety measures. Please watch your face as well.

I never raise my voice and accidentally scared the sh!t out of my wife- also make sure not do that as well lol!

🥋 🤼‍♂️

On his work front, Karrion Kross is currently leading the charge of his faction, The Final Testament comprising his wife Scarlett, the destructive duo of the AOP, and WWE Hall of Famer Paul Ellering.

After coming off a huge loss at WrestleMania 40, the stable made their return to WWE NXT and attacked the new NXT tag team champions, Nathan Frazer and Axiom right after their victory, signaling the start of a new feud between the two sides.

What are your thoughts on Karrion Kross displaying insane strength with his breaking baseball bat shenanigans? Sound off in the comments!

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