Big news has emerged regarding AEW Fight Forever and the company’s aspirations for a future game.

Nearly a year since its release, Fight Forever has garnered a player base. However, criticisms regarding limited match modes, creation suites, and other aspects have hindered its success compared to the WWE 2K series. Now, a new report sheds light on the challenges Fight Forever faced from the outset.

Insider Gaming’s report reveals internal concerns within AEW and Yuke’s regarding the timing of the game’s announcement. Sources suggest that unveiling the game prematurely “nearly killed it from the start.” Many believe that delaying the announcement and extending the development period would have been more prudent.

The report indicates that Fight Forever’s premature release was driven by the need to recoup funds after the game’s development costs soared over budget. While AEW Games intends to roll out DLCs for Fight Forever, there’s uncertainty regarding the fruition of all planned features.


Looking ahead, AEW expresses a desire to venture into another video game project. However, whether they collaborate with Yuke’s again remains uncertain. Reports suggest a strained relationship between the two parties stemming from the challenges encountered during the development of Fight Forever.

As AEW navigates its gaming aspirations, fans await updates on the future direction of their gaming endeavors. Will AEW’s next foray into the gaming world yield a more successful outcome? Only time will tell.

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