The era of Roman Reigns’ Island of Relevancy came to its demise with the Tribal Chief losing the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship to Cody Rhodes in a highly anticipated clash on WrestleMania 40 Sunday.

The main event match between Reigns and Rhodes went down under Bloodline rules with legends like The Rock, John Cena, and The Undertaker joining the mix in iconic Mania moments. The chaotic affair paved the way for Rhodes to dethrone Reigns and claim the championship, bringing an end to Reigns’ remarkable reign as champion, which lasted over 1,300 days.

Following WrestleMania 40, The Head of the Table took an entire day to reflect on his astonishing loss and break his silence with an enigmatic message implying that he was gearing up for new phase in his career and ready to embark on a fresh journey following his setback.

Now, as of press time, Roman Reigns has been advertised for the SmackDown before SummerSlam 2024 as his next televised appearance, possibly indicating a lengthy hiatus for The Tribal Chief to resurface once again


While Reigns’ future plans remain shrouded in uncertainty, his resilience and determination shine through as he might be taking a longer period off to rework building his Island of Relevancy once again.

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Nikunj Walia

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