Since the last update on Drew McIntyre’s contract status, there have been notable developments in his career, including winning and subsequently losing the World Heavyweight Title. Additionally, a major event for Scotland has been announced, sparking speculation about McIntyre’s contract status with WWE.

Despite these significant events, there hasn’t been any new contract update for McIntyre. According to sources via Fightful Select close to him, he remains without a new contract with WWE. However, under the new regime, this situation isn’t considered alarming, as it has become increasingly common.

It’s understood that each contract negotiation will vary, and while there are plans for McIntyre within the company, there’s no immediate cause for concern regarding his contract status. McIntyre’s recent involvement in a feud with CM Punk further underscores WWE’s intentions to keep him onboard.

Originally, McIntyre’s contract was set to expire before WWE WrestleMania, but additional time was added to the deal. Currently, the contract is expected to conclude within the next few months. Despite this uncertainty, McIntyre has expressed his desire to remain with WWE while also displaying confidence in his ability to thrive outside of the company if necessary.


What factors do you think Drew McIntyre will consider when deciding whether to renew his contract with WWE or explore opportunities elsewhere in the wrestling industry? Let us know in the comments below.

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