At WWE WrestleMania XL Night Two, history was made as Cody Rhodes emerged victorious over Roman Reigns to claim the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. The culmination of Rhodes’ journey was met with a lot of excitement not only from fans but also from his peers in the wrestling community, including his former tag team partner, Jey Uso.

While speaking on WWE’s The Bump, Uso expressed his excitement and happiness for Rhodes. He added that with Rhodes’ story coming to an end, Monday Night Raw symbolizes a fresh start for both Rhodes and the WWE.

“I’m pretty sure I felt like how everyone out here felt. Excited, man, and very happy for him. We saw his story finish and unfold in front of the millions. I’m ready for tonight. Monday Night Raw, it’s a fresh start, it’s a new start,” 

Moving on in the discussion, Uso spoke of the joy it brought him to witness Rhodes’ family, including his mother, joining in the celebration. He added that it’s the dawn of a “new era” with Rhodes as the Undisputed WWE Champion, reiterating the anticipation for the fresh direction in WWE.


“It’s hard to express feelings, but damn. Just seeing his family in there, his mom. It just makes my heart happy. That’s all I can say. He’s inspiring, still. Smart man. I got a voicemail from him at like 5 a.m. last night saying, ‘Thank you for being there for me.’ Man, he don’t have to say none of that to me because I know what time it is with Cody. That’s my dawg too. If he ever needed anything, I’m there. That’s like my brother. I got him. If I say I got you, uce, I got you. I’m gonna have him as long as he’s here, wherever he goes. I’m just very happy. It’s a new era, man. He’s the Undisputed WWE Champion now. When Triple H said it’s a new era, today, tonight, when we go to Raw, it’s about to set off,” 

As WWE enters a new era with Cody Rhodes as the Undisputed WWE Champion, Jey Uso’s words only goes to reaffirm Triple H’s comparison of the current state of the promotion to the iconic Attitude Era. It remains to be seen if Triple H’s plans to restore WWE’s glory will come to fruition. Stay tuned to Ringside News for more!

What are your thoughts on Jey Uso’s heartfelt reaction to Cody Rhodes’ title win and the anticipation for a new era in WWE? Let us know in the comments!

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