Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns squared off in a Bloodline Rules match in the main event of WrestleMania 40 Sunday with the Undisputed WWE Championship on the line. Unlike one could have expected, numerous surprise appearances were featured during the match helping the American Nightmare even the odds against the Tribal Chief.

After an incredible main event match, Cody Rhodes managed to clinch win against Roman Reigns and win the Undisputed WWE Championship for the first time in his life. Following his victory, Rhodes appeared on the WrestleMania 40 Sunday Post Show Press Conference and was asked for his plans with the title. 

Before the American Nightmare kicked off with his plans, he took some time to praise his WrestleMania opponent Roman Reigns, calling his reign as the greatest one in sports entertainment. Not only that, but Rhodes wished if he could have half the title reign the Tribal Chief had in the past few years. 

“A lot of people asked me, ‘what’s it going to feel like if you can beat the Tribal Chief, if you can beat Roman Reigns?’ I was honest in saying, ‘I don’t know.’ I’ve been able to be in the main event. There is a difference between being in the main event and being THE main event. Roman Reigns, obviously, he and I are not good friends, but that’s the greatest championship reign in sports and entertainment. As much as I don’t agree with his style and the way he went about being a champion, I still hope I can be half the champion that he was for WWE, as a leader, as the quarterback.” 


Cody Rhodes’ win at WrestleMania 40 was filled with a lot of emotions from his fellow stars, his family, and fans around the world. On the other hand, Roman Reigns shared heartfelt moment with Paul Heyman on the stage of the show. An update from both men is expected with Raw and Smackdown lined up. Ringside News will keep you updated with this story. 

Do you agree with Cody Rhodes calling Roman Reigns’ title reigns as the best ones in history? Let us know in the comments section below.

Ishaan Rathi

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