The Rock has been on a generational run since his return to WWE earlier this year, as his heel persona is viewed as one of the best in his entire career. The Rock has now revealed when he knew it was time for him to make his WWE return.

In January, The Rock joined the TKO Board of Directors, signaling a nearly full-time return to the company as part of the road to WrestleMania. Though initial plans may have shifted from a singles match between The Rock and Roman Reigns to tag team match featuring both, Ari Emanuel’s involvement played a significant role in spearheading The Rock’s return to WWE.

Speaking at the WrestleMania 40 press conference, The Rock was asked if there was a moment when he knew he wanted to return. The Rock made it clear that when Ari Emanuel told him he was going to purchase WWE, that’s when The Great One knew he had to return.

“Yes, there was. When Ari Emanuel called and said, ‘I’m going to buy the company.’ ‘Okay, what does that strategy look like.’ We discussed that. There was talks almost two years ago about me returning to WrestleMania 39 in Los Angeles. We thought everything was going to dovetail nicely into that, great story. That didn’t shake out in the way we had anticipated, and that’s okay. I had said back then to the people we were negotiating with, ‘Maybe it’s time to put the pencils down and we’ll revisit when it feels right.’ Between putting the pencils down a year and a half, two years ago, regarding WrestleMania 39, the actuality of the selling of the company, that became impetus to look holistically at doing WrestleMania 40 in Philadelphia.”


”A lot of things had to come together. The agreement, the deal, I’m not worried about that, especially when the negotiations are between myself, Ari Emanuel, and Nick Khan. I wasn’t concerned about the agreement. My number one priority was, can I come back and have real value this time around and not coming back for hot shots or one night. It’s fun, it’s fun for the fans, but I wanted something a lot more substantial, but something we could really build upon. These past two or three months, we’ve been laying ground work nicely and not only building for WrestleMania this weekend, but I think beyond that and the future.”

The Rock also confirmed his in-ring future after WrestleMania 40. Nevertheless, we will have to wait and see whether Cody Rhodes will be able to finish the story tomorrow once and for all.

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