Seth Rollins has extended a gracious acknowledgment towards fellow wrestler Will Ospreay, signaling a shift from their previous social media sparring matches.

The duo, who once engaged in a public exchange over their wrestling prowess and financial success, have seemingly buried the hatchet, with Rollins now commending Ospreay’s ascent to the upper echelons of the industry.

In a recent conversation with Cameron Hawkins for The Ringer, Rollins showered praise on Ospreay, hailing him as “absolutely one of the best performers in the world.” Reflecting on Ospreay’s journey, Rollins expressed his satisfaction at witnessing Ospreay’s rise to prominence within the industry, particularly since his move to AEW in November 2023.

“[He] is absolutely one of the best performers in the world, and I’m happy that he is finally, you know, getting to the very top level in our industry,” Rollins said.


Rollins delved into the rationale behind his previous candid remarks, elucidating his unwavering loyalty to WWE, the organization he considers his home. He emphasized the collective effort of the WWE team, encompassing talent, production, and creative, in shaping the wrestling landscape. For Rollins, WWE represents the pinnacle of the industry, and his vocal support stems from a genuine belief in the company’s capabilities.

“Well, not everybody has taken this stance over the years, but to me, WWE is my home, right? These people that I go to battle with every week on these live events and these TVs—and I’m not talking just the talent; I’m talking about the whole team, the production, the creative—love it or hate it, we’re the best. I’ve been a proponent of these people in my family and had their back for years because I believe that, and I believe in the work we all put together to make this industry the best it possibly can be,” Rollins said.

As Rollins extends an olive branch to Ospreay and reflects on his journey within WWE, his comments serve as a testament to the dynamic nature of the wrestling world. In an industry characterized by fierce competition and rivalries, Rollins’ willingness to acknowledge Ospreay’s talent exemplifies a spirit of sportsmanship.

How do you perceive Seth Rollins’ shift in attitude towards Will Ospreay, especially considering their past social media disagreements? Let us know in the comments below.

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