Bayley’s journey towards a WrestleMania 40 title match has taken an unexpected turn, as she finds herself without the support of her fellow Horsewomen against Damage CTRL.

Speculation had been rife that Mercedes Mone, also known as Sasha Banks, would come to Bayley’s aid, given their natural connection. However, Fightful Select reports that contrary to popular belief, this wasn’t the working plan dating back to fall.

The split of Damage CTRL had been in the cards for months, with the intention for Charlotte Flair to assist Bayley in fending off Damage CTRL when the turn eventually occurred. Unfortunately, Charlotte’s injury altered the trajectory of these plans.

While Mercedes signing with AEW may have influenced decisions, sources have assert that advanced creative pitches weren’t far along enough to incorporate her involvement. Despite the evolving landscape, Bayley remains poised for her WrestleMania 40 title match, navigating the challenges ahead with resilience and determination.


What factors do you think will play the biggest role in Bayley’s ability to navigate the challenges she faces heading into her WrestleMania 40 title match without the support of her fellow Horsewomen against Damage CTRL? Let us know in the comments below.

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