Ronda Rousey recently grabbed headlines by accusing WWE Superstar Drew Gulak of inappropriate behavior towards her while she was with the company. These allegations raised significant concerns. WWE’s internal response to Rousey’s accusations against Gulak has now come to light.

During her appearance on NewsNation, Ronda Rousey claimed that Drew Gulak acted inappropriately towards her by grabbing the string of her sweatpants without her consent while she was waiting to talk to Triple H in the writer’s room.

“Drew Gulak. Drew Gulak, that’s who it was. I confronted him later and I was like, ‘If I ever hear about you putting your hands on any other woman like this or doing anything like this to me ever again, we’re going to have a problem.’ He was like, ‘No, no, no. I’m glad you said something to me.’ He really backpedaled, but it put a sour taste in my mouth about the culture there and what’s considered acceptable on how to touch and treat the women in the hallways, and anywhere.”

While speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Bryan Alvarez talked about Ronda Rousey’s accusations against Drew Gulak. Alvarez noted that some in WWE believed Drew Gulak was going to get released because of Rousey’s accusations.


“There were people today, or actually it was Tuesday, when this story came out, and there were people there that thought, ‘Man, Drew Gulak’s probably gonna be gone tomorrow’.”

Drew Gulak has already provided defense against Ronda Rousey’s accusations. Whether Drew Gulak’s alleged actions are substantiated remains uncertain, but Ronda Rousey’s accusation has certainly cast him in a negative light for many. There’s a possibility that WWE might take action against him in response to these allegations.

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