The passing of Bray Wyatt in August last year left a significant void in the wrestling world. His departure was particularly devastating as he had recently returned to WWE, teasing new character developments following his iconic personas as “The Fiend” and “The Eater of Worlds.” Mike Rotunda has now revealed WWE’s unique handling of his son’s character.

In a recent interview with Sportskeeda WrestleBinge, Mike Rotunda, pending Hall of Famer and Bray Wyatt’s father, shared insights into his son’s profound influence on wrestling. Rotunda expressed a fondness for Bray’s cult leader persona, highlighting it as his favorite iteration of the Wyatt character.

“Myself, yes, Bray Wyatt. I thought that was just, I thought they could have got a ton more mileage out of that,” said Rotunda. “Not that I didn’t like The Fiend because he kind of caught that up in his mind, which was totally different also. But I enjoyed, and those were the days I was producing, so I got to see how fans reacted to all the Bray Wyatt stuff.” 

Mike Rotunda, who worked backstage with WWE until his departure in 2020, witnessed his son Bray Wyatt’s journey in the company firsthand. From Bray’s debut on the main roster as the enigmatic leader of the Wyatt Family faction to his later re-packaging as the host of the Firefly Fun House and “The Fiend,” Rotunda has seen the evolution of Bray’s characters.


While Bray achieved significant success, including winning his first World Title as the leader of the Wyatt Family and adding two Universal Title reigns as “The Fiend,” Rotunda still holds a special fondness for Bray’s cult character. He believes that Bray Wyatt’s cult persona was the coolest thing WWE had for a long time.

 Nevertheless, Bray Wyatt’s legacy will endure eternally in the hearts of his family and dedicated fans. His profound influence on the wrestling world will be commemorated for generations, ensuring that his memory remains cherished and revered.

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