Matt Cardona’s unexpected return to AEW on the March 30 episode of AEW Collision, where he challenged Adam Copeland for the TNT Championship, caused a stir in the wrestling world. Despite ultimately falling short against Copeland, Cardona’s appearance was met with excitement from fans.

On The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast, Cardona shed light on how his appearance on Collision came to fruition. He revealed that he had to rearrange his schedule, originally slated to face Ultimo Dragon but instead defended his Squared Circle Expo Title against Ziggler, aka Nemeth, on Friday. Following an unexpected turn of events at the Squared Circle Expo, Cardona decided to seize the opportunity to appear on Collision.

“I heard there was a Cope Open. Adam Copeland, a mentor of mine. I’m a former Edgehead. I heard he had an open challenge, a Cope Open, defending that TNT Championship. I said, you know what? I’m Alwayz ready,” Cardona recounted.

Describing his whirlwind journey to the event, Cardona detailed how he flew to Detroit, rented a car, and drove to London, Ontario, to make his surprise appearance. Despite the logistical challenges, Cardona was determined to make his mark in the ring against Copeland.


Facing Copeland was a career highlight for Cardona, who emphasized the significance of the match. Despite the limited preparation time, the response from the crowd and the overall experience left a lasting impression on Cardona.

“It was a very stressful day, very stressful…not much time to prepare for having your fucking dream match. It was an incredible moment, and I think it was a career highlight,” Cardona expressed.

Reflecting on the match and the opportunity to face Copeland, Cardona expressed his gratitude for the experience. He also humorously suggested that his former Edgehead teammate, Brian Myers, could potentially accept the Cope Open in the future.

With the Forbidden Door opening up new possibilities in the wrestling world, fans can anticipate more exciting moments and unexpected appearances in the future, adding to the unpredictability and excitement of the sport.

What are your thoughts on Matt Cardona’s surprise appearance on AEW Collision and his impromptu challenge for the TNT Championship against Adam Copeland? How do you feel about the unpredictability and excitement that the Forbidden Door concept brings to the wrestling world? Let us know in the comments below.

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