The wrestling fans were left in shock following the tragic passing of one of the most beloved and top-tier WWE superstars of all time, Bray Wyatt. While the world mourned for their hero all over, his family took them back to the day it happened.

In an interview conducted as a part of his spectacular documentary, Bray Wyatt: Becoming Immortal, his brother and fellow WWE superstar Bo Dallas recalled the day he lost his older brother.

The former NXT champion revealed that the moment they came to the scene, the doctor took the family into a room and disclosed the heart-breaking news about Bray passing away that morning.

Bo Dallas stated that his mother and father crumbled at the sound of that horrific news while he and her sister who had her baby wrapped around her broke down in tears. But at the moment, Dallas believed that it was Bray Wyatt’s aura and presence that told him to take charge and pick his family up from the saddening news they just heard.


“Soon as we walked in, they pulled us in a room. The doctor walked in and it’s like … it’s like something you see a million times in movies, but you really don’t know how it feels like till it happens … he said we got bad news … he’s gone … and I slowed down and I see everyone’s reaction in the room … my mom dad crumbling, my sister she’s got her baby wrapped to her chest and she is falling. I never been more sad, but something in me and I still think to this day that it was Windham, something in me gave the strength to go ‘stop you need to hold them up.’ He gave me strength in a moment where I would think I would crumble and I really believe it was him and he was telling me ‘be there for mom, hold her up.”

Despite him leaving the whole wide world he once had in his hands, the life and legacy of Bray Wyatt will live on forever in the hearts of everyone, from friends, and family to his millions of fans who saw and respected his potential as one of the greatest WWE superstars of all time.

What are your thoughts on learning about the sad day Bray Wyatt passed away last summer? Sound off in the comments!

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