Big E’s absence from the WWE ring has stretched over two years, sparking speculation about his future in professional wrestling. However, the former WWE Champion has made it clear that he intends to approach his next steps with caution and mindfulness.

The hiatus began after Big E sustained serious neck injury during a March 2022 episode of WWE SmackDown. Despite avoiding surgery initially, concerns lingered about his return to action.

In recent interview with CBS Sports, Big E emphasized his commitment to prioritizing his health above all else. “I’ve been doing physical things my entire life, and I never wanted to leave sports hobbled and crippled,” he shared. “It’s just a matter of listening to the doctors, taking in enough information, looking at my more recent set of scans and deciding if the gamble is worth it.”

During this time, Big E has sought advice not only from medical professionals but also from fellow wrestlers who have faced similar challenges. Grateful for the support and insights offered by wrestling veterans, Big E expressed his gratitude, saying, “I’ve been so thankful for so many of the guys I grew up loving and watching as a kid, so many legends who wanted to reach out and share what they went through when they had their neck injuries. I’m so grateful to all of them.”


While questions loom over his return to in-ring action, Big E recently found himself involved in WWE’s WrestleMania 40 kick-off event panel, a role that caught him off guard. Reflecting on the experience, he remarked, “It wasn’t until I boarded the flight to Vegas that I even knew I was doing the panel. That’s the nature of things in WWE. It’s oftentimes, ‘Hey, show up’ and you get things thrown at you.”

As Big E navigates this uncertain chapter in his career, his focus on well-being serves as a reminder of the importance of listening to one’s body and making informed decisions. Whether he returns to the ring or explores new opportunities, his journey continues to captivate fans and peers alike.

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