Cody Rhodes is one of the biggest babyfaces in all of WWE right now and it is more or less a given he is going to stick with WWE for many years. He has now confirmed that belief, as Rhodes revealed he has inked a multi-year deal with WWE.

In an interview with Justin Walker, Cody Rhodes confirmed that he has signed a new multi-year contract with WWE. When asked if he still plans to retire when he turns 40, Cody confirmed he signed a new contract with WWE.

“I can tell you 40 is out of the question just because, not to give you scoop, it was widely reported, but I did sign a new contract with WWE. It extends beyond my 40th birthday.”

He continued, expressing his desire to step away from wrestling without it being a painful process, citing the experience of seeing his father, Dusty Rhodes, continue wrestling into old age. Cody emphasized the importance of being present for his daughter, who is two years old, and acknowledged that he has entered a prime phase of his career later in life.


The plan is still, when it’s time to step out, to step out without it being a painful process. Solely because I saw my dad [Dusty Rhodes] as an old man wrestler and he loved it and enjoyed it, but as his son it was hard to see. My daughter is two going on three, there does have a be a time, just like he was with us, where I have to be home all the time and be there with her. It’s not 40 anymore. I’ll update the number. I hit the prime run late in the game. I often forget that I’m nearing 40.”

Cody Rhodes had already signed the contract last year. Nevertheless, Rhodes is set to square off against Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40 for the Undisputed Universal Championship on Night 2, so we’ll have to see if he will finally be able to finish the story.

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