Becky Lynch, one of the biggest Superstars in WWE currently, is known for her outspoken nature and strong convictions. Therefore, it’s not surprising that she has emphasized the importance of storytelling in wrestling, even suggesting that it holds greater significance than the matches themselves.

Becky Lynch recently shared her perspective on why storytelling in pro wrestling holds greater importance for her than the in-ring action itself. During an appearance on the Superstar Crossover podcast with Josh Martinez of Z100, Lynch participated in the unique format where each guest can ask the next guest any question without prior knowledge of their identity.

Becky Lynch responded to a question from Sami Zayn about where the craft of in-ring wrestling ranks in importance for her. Lynch explained that while the actual wrestling holds significance, storytelling takes precedence for her. She emphasized that without a compelling narrative, the in-ring action loses its impact.

Lynch highlighted the importance of conveying a story both in promos and in matches, noting that understanding the story being told is essential before focusing on the technical aspects of wrestling. She stressed the need for clarity and audience engagement, emphasizing that ultimately, wrestling is performed for the audience’s enjoyment and understanding.


“[The actual craft is] number two. Number one is storytelling because ain’t nobody going to care what you do in the ring if you have not told the good story,” she explained. “There’s a line that says, ‘A promo is a match and a match is a promo.’ You tell a story during the match but to know what the story you’re telling in the match, comes before the craft, before the nitty gritty, before you get down to that. That’s number one and then the craft of the actual wrestling. Understanding it. Understanding what’s going to elicit a response, what’s going to be easy for the audience to follow, too, because you don’t want to be doing all this technical stuff and everybody’s going, ‘Wait, what’s happening?’ We do this for an audience. We don’t do this for us, we do it for them, and if they’re not following it and we’re doing it because we think it’s interesting and it’s so cool, then ain’t nobody going to care.”

Becky Lynch acknowledges that storytelling takes precedence in her perspective, yet she maintains a profound respect for the craft of professional wrestling. It is likely many fans will agree with what Becky Lynch had to say as well and that’s unlikely to change anytime soon.

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