For decades now, the Undertaker has made a name as one of the most dangerous stars of the wrestling industry. The Phenom is considered to be one of the most haunted characters in the history of the company and his matches in the past are just a pure display of his dominance. 

Though every young superstar dreamed of facing the Deadman in his career, the former WWE Champion proved to be a nightmare for everyone eventually. However, one thing that he didn’t like personally is cucumbers. 

In a recent Q & A session on Patreon, the Undertaker addressed his fear of cucumbers and how it all began. Revealing a lot about his fear, The Deadman revealed that it all came from a childhood experience. During his childhood, after eating a lot of cucumbers, he expelled everything in his stomach which eventually led to a smell of cucumber coming out of his mouth for a long time. 

“Why do you give me some bullshit question like that? I don’t even like talking about the cucumbers man. Alright, here it is. When I was just a weeee little Undertaker, like a kindergarten, first grade Undertaker, I come home from school one day. My mother had taken a bunch of fresh cucumbers and cut them up into slices and had them soaking in a big bowl of vinegar. It was that day. [At that time] it was the greatest thing ever.”


“So I proceeded to eat the whole bowl of cucumbers soaked in vinegar. Well, something about that didn’t settle well with my stomach. Shortly after I ate all of the cucumbers, I expelled all of the contents of my stomach. From that moment on, the smell, for a long time even to see a cucumber I would get somewhat, I wouldn’t say nauseous but queasy. Smell a cucumber? Forget about it. My stomach is just like [nope]…it’s like my mouth starts watering.”

“So that’s why I hate cucumbers because I ate too many once as a child, left a horrible, horrible scar in my memory of how bad I threw up. How sick that I got. Then just the very smell of a cucumber [made me sick], heaven forbid I taste one. Let me get one in a bit of sushi or something like that [if] you want to see some drama. Because anytime I go to order sushi, like I’ll ask. If there’s cucumbers that are supposed to be in a roll or [something] I ask specifically ‘Can I get this without the cucumber?’ Usually [it’s] ‘Yeah, that’s no problem.’”

“Heaven forbid they forget or they screw up and I get cucumber in my mouth. It is not a good day at the sushi restaurant. I will show my ass real quick and I try really hard not to do that. I know people are working hard trying to do things. I am level-headed as I can be, do not put cucumber in my sushi, especially when I make it very clear that I do not want cucumber in my sushi.”

While The Undertaker has had a bad incident with cucumbers, it doesn’t seem like the vegetable takes anything out of his dominant character. However, the fear of cucumbers hasn’t been a problem for him since then. Ringside News will keep you updated with this story. 

What is your reaction to the Undertaker’s fear of cucumbers and the origin of it? Let us know in the comment section below.

Ishaan Rathi

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