Monday’s WWE RAW left a lasting impression with a compelling segment featuring CM Punk, Drew McIntyre, and Seth Rollins engaged in verbal sparring.

This segment not only served as the platform for Punk’s announcement as the guest commentator for the World Title Match at WrestleMania 40, where Rollins defends against McIntyre, but also showcased the intensity leading up to the event.

As previously noted, the talent involved had a general guideline for the segment’s direction. However, adjustments were made to accommodate the flow of the show. Notably, the Ivy Nile vs. Candice LeRae match was shortened from its original plan.

Dave Meltzer, speaking on Wrestling Observer Radoi, confirmed earlier reports regarding the truncated match between Ivy Nile and Candice LeRae. He also mentioned the need to expedite the DIY match.


“They went a little long, but there was no negativity from it. One person had told me that Levesque knew they were probably going to go long throwing those guys out there like that. So the matches that didn’t have the ring entrances, they did the entrance during the commercial break. Before the show, they had already planned that that was going to be the case. “

“So it wasn’t like that they came up with that to save time. It was like they knew they were going to save time. And you know, they did rush through the DIY match was shorter, and the Ivy Nile match was barely a match. And, you know, but that’s how it goes. And we had no real heat or anything on anybody for anything they did. And it just kind of went off. And when the rating came in, everybody was thrilled.”

The adjustments made during the broadcast highlight the adaptability of WWE’s production team in managing unforeseen circumstances while maintaining the show’s momentum. Despite the changes, the overall response to the episode remained positive, reflecting the resilience of WWE’s programming.

What are your thoughts on the balance between scripted and improvised segments in WWE programming? Do you believe such adjustments enhance or detract from the viewing experience? Share your insights in the comments section below.

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