Rhea Ripley is undeniably one of the premier female WWE Superstars at present, with her stock steadily ascending with each passing week. Despite her popularity, she still has a lot of haters, and now it appears Becky Lynch has called her the worst-booked heel in history.

Ripley is widely regarded as one of the most dominant stars on the WWE roster, having held a world championship since April 2023. As a key member of Judgment Day, she was prominently featured in advertisements for February’s Elimination Chamber premium live event in Australia. At the stadium show, Ripley headlined by defending her title against Nia Jax in a high-stakes singles match.

Ripley plays the role of a dominant and menacing heel as part of Judgment Day. In an interview on the In The Kliq podcast, Lynch challenges this conventional view, asserting that if Ripley is considered a heel, she’s the worst-booked heel in history.

Lynch reframes the upcoming contest as a clash between two badasses rather than adhering to traditional moral alignments. She emphasizes that both she and Ripley possess strong and distinct personalities, with Ripley being portrayed as a dominant force and Lynch as someone who has always had to overcome challenges.


Lynch underscores the need to approach the storyline by focusing on the characters’ differences and motivations rather than simply labeling them as heels or babyfaces. She emphasizes the importance of creating an engaging narrative that resonates with the audience and keeps them invested in the matchup.

“If she’s a heel, she’s the worst-booked heel in history. If she’s a babyface she’s the best-booked babyface in history, but I think she’s a babyface. You have to approach that as if she’s a babyface. She’s badass, right? She’s a badass. I am also a badass. We are two very different people. She’s dominant. She is the type that you go there is a superstar let me strap a rocket to her, send her to the moon. I’m the one that has always had to overcome. I am the Rocky Balboa in this. That’s the difference. Now, how do you play to the differences and how is that interesting? So you can’t be thinking heel and babyface, you have to think, ‘Why do I not like this person? What is this story? How do we tell that? How do we get people invested?'”

Nevertheless, Becky Lynch is fully focused on her upcoming match against Rhea Ripley at WrestleMania 40, so we’ll have to see how Ripley will fare in the bout. After all, their WrestleMania 40 bout might end up changing the landscape of the women’s division in a big way.

Are you in agreement with what Becky Lynch had to say about Rhea Ripley as a heel? Let us know in the comments section below!

Subhojeet Mukherjee

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