Ash by Elegance has embarked on an entirely new journey in TNA Wrestling, ever since she was released from WWE last year, after spending a major tenure with the company but failing to live up to their expectations.

The former Dana Brooke made her first appearance at the first show of TNA’s rebranding, Hard to Kill in January sending immediate shockwaves across the wrestling industry with just one showing.

Since then, she has managed to impress the wrestling audience with her newfound opportunity under a completely new gimmick, which also has led to mesmerizing the audience not only with her in-ring acumen but also her immensely gorgeous looks.

Recently, Ash by Elegance leveled accusations against the current rising star of WWE SmackDown, Tiffany Stratton, claiming that she tends to steal moves and gimmicks from other wrestlers, dubbing her as a “knock-off Barbie.”


The former WWE 24X7 Champion’s comments sparked a huge backlash from the Tiffy Time supporters against Ash. However, she subtly shut down all the trollers by taking to her X to respond to them in a screeching fashion.

“Haters are always going to wanna “@“ me but the first ones who wanna picture w/ me!!!”

While the Tiffany Stratton fans have retaliated against Ash by Elegance, we will have to wait and see if the former WWE NXT Women’s Champion would respond to the allegations made by the TNA star. Stay tuned to Ringside News as we continue to follow up on this story.

What are your thoughts on Ash by Elegance’s transition to TNA Wrestling and her new gimmick? How do you perceive her comments regarding Tiffany Stratton, and what implications do you think this feud could have for both wrestlers? Let us know in the comments.

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