Behind the captivating on-screen romance between Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio in WWE storylines lies a reality where Ripley shares her life with someone deeply entrenched in the wrestling world. Despite portraying the role of Dirty Dom’s Mami on screen, Ripley has been in a relationship with AEW star Buddy Matthews since 2022. Recently, she revealed Matthews’ candid thoughts on her on-screen relationship with Mysterio.

The Australian wrestlers got engaged last summer, although they have chosen to keep their wedding date private. Interestingly, WWE had previously explored a love storyline between Buddy and Dominik’s sister, Aalyah, before Buddy’s departure in June 2021.

Mysterio’s alignment with Ripley and The Judgment Day after betraying his father in September 2022 catapulted the reigning WWE Women’s World Champion and the two-time NXT North American Champion into one of professional wrestling’s most intriguing heel tandems.

During an interview with Logan Paul on Impaulsive, the 27-year-old Ripley discussed the challenge of maintaining the storyline relationship while being committed to a real-life partner.


“Not many people could handle being in a relationship through that. Yeah, if the roles were reversed, I don’t think I could [do it] either.”

The current WWE United States Champion and co-host Mike Majlak expressed surprise at Ripley’s admission that things would be challenging if the roles were reversed. He probed further, prompting WWE’s fifth Women’s Grand Slam Champion to acknowledge her struggles with jealousy.

“Yeah, I get jealous, really bad. It’s true,” she admitted.

When asked how she would feel if Buddy were involved in a storyline similar to “Latina Heat,” Ripley responded, “Oh, dude… yeah, I don’t know. Legit.” Rhea Ripley praised Buddy’s demeanor, noting, “He’s so chill with it, and like, he loves Dom as well.”

Reflecting on Buddy’s previous storyline involvement with Dominik’s sister, Aalyah, Ripley emphasized that it makes things easier for her.

“So, yeah, he doesn’t mind at all, which is amazing because it makes my life at home and work so much easier.”

Rhea Ripley also noted that Buddy Matthews remains unfazed by her working in larger platform, namely WWE. Nevertheless, Rhea Ripley and Buddy Matthews continue to offer unwavering support to each other, which remains the cornerstone of their relationship.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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