Becky Lynch has been basking in her recent success with the overwhelming response to the release of her autobiography, ‘Becky Lynch: The Man: Not Your Average Average Girl.’ Amidst some promotional work, she had some thoughts on her contemporary, Mercedes Mone’s AEW arrival.

The former Sasha Banks made her grand debut at AEW Big Business a few weeks ago and is looking to be a top prospect for Tony Khan’s company for the money he spent to sign her to his promotion.

During an interview with Orlando Sentinel, The Man was asked about her thoughts on The CEO of women’s wrestling landing huge AEW contract that has been rumored to make her the highest-paid female star in the business.

Becky Lynch clearly stated that it was important for every top female competitor, like herself and Mercedes, to be rewarded equally for the work they put inside the squared circle, while also highlighting that to be a huge factor in Women’s Evolution.


“I think that’s an important part, getting paid equally for the equal work and the equal position we are at right now. Women’s evolutions and revolutions are fine and well, but making sure that they equate to contracts and financial reward for these things, when we are doing equal work, is hugely important.”

Mercedes Mone’s addition to the AEW roster has garnered huge reactions and she is all set to appear on AEW Dynamite this week again. On the other hand, Becky Lynch is preparing for a huge title clash against Rhea Ripley at WrestleMania 40 in two weeks. So it can said that both women are continuing to make history in their respective ways while keeping the flame of the Women’s Revolution ignited in their hearts.

What are your thoughts on Becky Lynch’s comments regarding Mercedes Mone’s AEW contract? Sound off in the comments!

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