Becky Lynch, in a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, shared her perspective on her career and the women’s wrestling scene, emphasizing that her value transcends championship titles.

Lynch expressed, “That’s what women’s wrestling needs. We should all be focused on the future of the industry. That’s bigger than me. I don’t need a title. The title doesn’t make me–I make the title.”

Becky further highlighted her commitment to elevating her fellow wrestlers, citing her feud with Xia Li as an example. Lynch stressed the significance of hard work in uplifting others, stating, “It’s doing the work when the work is hard and not always rewarding, but you’re elevating everyone around you.”

Reflecting on her journey, Lynch recognized her pivotal role in advancing women’s wrestling, particularly in breaking barriers regarding main-event opportunities. She discussed her motivation to contribute to the growth of the women’s division, expressing her desire to inspire others.


“That’s when I do my best work, when I’m overlooked and people doubt me. The division needs to grow. Now I can give hopes and dreams to other people, too. Driving the business forward, that’s what this is all about,” Lynch affirmed.

In conclusion, Becky Lynch’s words resonate with a profound commitment to the evolution of women’s wrestling beyond individual accolades. As fans and participants in the wrestling community, let’s engage in dialogue about the future of the sport. Share your thoughts and feedback in the comments below.

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