Rhea Ripley has cemented herself as one of the most dominant in-ring competitors in WWE, who is not afraid to stand in the presence of any woman in her division or any man in the entire locker room.

The Eradicator’s courage to go up against male WWE competitors has been displayed from time to time, even expressing their desire to go after their titles. Moreover, Rhea’s gallantry in combat against them has its origin in her high school days in Australia.

During recent interview with Logan Paul on his Impaulsive podcast, the current WWE Women’s World champion revealed that her nickname was coined to be the ‘Nutcracker’ as she would frequently assault boys by kicking them in their genitalia.

Moreover, Rhea Ripley also mentioned that she and her real-life fiancee, AEW star Buddy Matthews would often get into a friendly fight at home and she would be the one to start and finish things between them.


“I got a nickname in high school, ‘Nutcracker’ for a reason coz I used to hit people in the nuts. Being in a relationship with my partner, we scrap a little bit. I normally start and I finish it.”

Apart from her nut-wrecking shenanigans, Rhea Ripley has her attention on one of the biggest matches of her career, as she defends her title against The Man Becky Lynch at WrestleMania 40. With things getting intensely personal between them after Mami crossed the line with Lynch on RAW recently, it would surely be a blockbuster match between two forces of the WWE women’s division.

What are your thoughts on learning about Rhea Ripley’s high school nickname? Sound off in the comments!

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