Paul Heyman is arguably one of the most influential managers of the wrestling business of all time. From Steve Austin to Jimmy Snuka and from CM Punk to Roman Reigns, the former ECW promoter has been an instrumental figure in the careers of some of wrestling’s biggest names,” said The Undertaker in a recent podcast episode.

Reflecting on Heyman’s induction into the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2024, The Undertaker emphasized, “Hall of Fame man. Well-deserved too. Not only has he got like a brilliant wrestling mind. But even for as long as he’s been involved in the business and around, he’s still so passionate. He’s one of those guys like Paul Bearer was the same way with me. When he was managing Brock and obviously now he’s managing Roman Reigns. He is so invested in those guys and their well-being, their decision-making.”

Recalling his time in WCW, The Undertaker continued, “When I went solo in WCW, after Danny left, they put Paul with me. He was so instrumental in keeping me sane because I was so frustrated there with what they were doing with me. Obviously, the infamous meeting that I had with WCW’s upper management. He was such an advocate for me, in the sense of getting me to Bruce [Prichard], who would eventually get me to Vince [McMahon] and that whole thing.”

“He was a little better off than I was, I wasn’t making any money. A lot of times, he would just pick up the rental cars instead of us splitting it or help me out when he could, but obviously, the biggest contribution on my part with him was just that connection to get me out of WCW and into an opportunity with WWE,” The Undertaker added.


Turning to Heyman’s role behind the scenes, The Undertaker remarked, “Paul, if he’s passionate about an idea, or his guy is passionate about an idea, he will flat out go to battle. It’s not his hill really to die on, but he will. He truly is representing, what they feel is the best move for where they’re positioned. Not every manager is like that. Not every manager is as invested as Paul is.”

“Paul can be brash and he can say some things that will ruffle your feathers. But overall he’s very smart about the business. He’s totally invested. A lot of times too, he’ll go and rely things that maybe his guy doesn’t wanna do. ‘Hey what you think about this.’ Paul earns his money man. He does a really, really good job of advocating for his guys,” The Undertaker continued.

“Not everybody is that invested. But he’ll fight and argue and try and get his point across and change people’s minds which is what you want. As a talent sometimes, you’re trying to focus on ‘Okay, I have to focus on this match’ and whatever that might be. So it’s nice to have somebody, who is so knowledgeable of the business, going in there and not to say politicking, but being an advocate,” he concluded.

Taker underscores Heyman’s unique blend of passion, intelligence, and advocacy within the wrestling business, stating, “It’s nice to have somebody, who is so knowledgeable of the business, going in there and not to say politicking, but being an advocate.

What are your thoughts on The Undertaker’s reflections on Paul Heyman’s influence in the wrestling business? Do you agree with his assessment of Heyman’s passion and advocacy for his clients? Share your opinions and experiences in the comments below!

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