Earl Hebner, a seasoned referee in the world of professional wrestling, had a long and distinguished career spanning decades. He recently released his book titled “Earl Hebner: The Official Story,” offering readers an inside look into his storied career in the ring.

In a recent interview with Steve Fall, Hebner discussed a particularly notable event at SummerSlam 92′ when Nailz attacked Vince McMahon over a payday issue. Hebner recalled seeing the confrontation firsthand in Green Bay, Wisconsin, when Nailz confronted McMahon about his perceived unjust treatment compared to fellow wrestler Bossman.

“I was right there and saw it all in Green Bay, Wisconsin. He had Vince McMahon up against the wall like a chicken going into a Perdue chicken line. If it hadn’t been for Slaughter being in there or close by, he would have messed Vince up. It was over a payday. They paid Bossman more than they paid Nailz and Nailz found out. The rooms were down in a basement. He came down the steps. He went into Vince’s office and all I could hear was screaming and hollering. I looked in there and he had Vince up against the wall. He said, ‘I want my money.’ He said more than that, but I’m making it polite. ‘You f’d me. You paid him this. I deserve that.’ After that, Vince always had an agent in his room. He was never left alone or he had them at the door.”

Hebner described the violent confrontation as Nailz forcefully confronted McMahon, expressing his dissatisfaction with the salary gap between himself and Bossman. Despite Nailz’s tenacity, Sgt. Slaughter finally pulled McMahon from the brawl, causing Hebner to consider his wish to see Nailz settle the score with McMahon on his own terms.


“I wish Slaughter would have never gone in there and saved him. I would love to see him whip his ass.”

Hebner was involved in number of noteworthy events in WWE and created history as part of the Montreal Screwjob. From 1977 to 2019, Hebner was the man in the stripes, calling the shots in the squared circle, his name is ranks right up there with the rest of the wrestling greats.

Despite the controversial end of his WWE career, Hebner continued to contribute to the world of professional wrestling as he found opportunities in other promotions, showcasing his longevity in the business. We’ll have to wait and see what he does next. Stay tuned to Ringside News for more!

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