Mandy Rose is known to be one of the most remarkable and extremely gorgeous celebrities in the wrestling world, thriving in various ventures outside the ring. But it seems a little overconfidence gave some lessons to the former Golden Goddess.

As seen for days, Mandy and her fiancee Tino Sabbatelli have been away for a skiing vacation up to a snowy hillside location, where Rose even flaunted her beautiful physical stature inside their room and described her experiences.

However, in her latest video drop on Instagram, the former WWE NXT Women’s champion revealed her scary fall incident during the expedition and injured herself in the process.

She took back the fans 12 hours behind, revealing the couple’s arrival at the location, enjoying some leisure time, and then heading off to enjoy the skiing experience. In one of the montage videos, Tino revealed that Mandy got somewhat cocky after some successful slopes, and then Mandy herself spoke that it was a bad idea to get carried away by a small success as she, later on, had a bad fall and sustained an injuring on her knee, as spotted in one of the videos where she is resting with an ice pack on the injury.


Aside from her holiday shenanigans, Mandy Rose is excelling in various business endeavors, while still leaving the door open for return to wrestling in the future. So we will have to wait and see when the day arrives when she laces up her wrestling boots once again and steps back inside the squared circle.

What are your thoughts on Mandy Rose injuring herself during her holiday trip? Sound off in the comments!

Nikunj Walia

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