Fans have noticed that Jon Moxley hasn’t been on AEW TV, and people are wondering where he’s been. It’s strange because he and Claudio Castagnoli won a big match against FTR, but they weren’t in the AEW Tag Team Title tournament.

Even though we don’t know all the details about why they weren’t in the tournament, some info from Fightful Select helps explain things. It turns out that Moxley planned to take a break from wrestling, and he had other events already scheduled in Mexico and Japan. These plans were set up a while ago, so he couldn’t be part of the tournament.

“We did learn that this time off was planned ahead of time, and the duo were not going to be available during the tournament.”

Jon Moxley has upcoming bookings in Mexico next week, as well as Japan the following week, when the heart of the tournament would be taking place. His match in Mexico was planned well over a month ago as well, and by then would not have been available to participate in the tournament.”


It shows how busy wrestlers like Moxley are. They have to juggle different wrestling events and personal stuff. While fans might miss seeing Moxley in action, it’s a reminder that wrestlers have a lot going on behind the scenes.

As we wait for Moxley to come back to AEW, it makes us think about how wrestlers balance their schedules with the stories they’re part of. What do you think about wrestlers having to manage their time between real life and wrestling? Let us know in the comments below.

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