During the WWE NXT episode on March 12th, there was a buzz in the air as CM Punk made a surprise backstage appearance, confirmed by none other than Booker T himself. The WWE Hall of Famer added fuel to the fire by suggesting there was near ‘run-in’ with the legendary Best in the World, sparking speculation among the WWE Universe about potential backstage tensions.

However, Booker T later clarified his remarks, revealing that it was all in good fun during a recent episode of his podcast. He emphasized that his comments were purely for entertainment purposes, aimed at providing fans with a moment of amusement without delving into real-life drama.

In his own words, Booker T stated, “If you hear me say anything here on the Hall of Fame, this show, is show-related. I’m trying to entertain my fans. I’m trying to entertain the fans just watching this, trying to give you guys a moment when you ain’t gotta think about that kind of stuff, alright? So if you hear me say something about CM Punk, Corey Graves, Michael Cole, Brad [Gilmore]… Don’t jump into the internet mess.”

Despite Booker T’s attempt to downplay the situation, the WWE Universe continued to buzz with speculation, even prompting some fans to express their desire for a match between Booker T and CM Punk. However, Booker T swiftly dismissed this notion during a subsequent episode of his podcast, making it clear that there’s no animosity between him and the Best in the World.


“You know what? I don’t know why people want me to have — I saw somebody said, ‘I just want to see you and CM Punk have a fight.’ Look, me and CM Punk, we won’t be having a fight, OK? I want to let everybody know out there, I have no ill will toward CM Punk.”

Booker T emphasized that he considers CM Punk a friend, urging fans not to take his remarks too seriously. He made it clear that any comments made about CM Punk or any other wrestlers should be viewed in the context of entertainment rather than reality.

In conclusion, Booker T has quashed any speculation about a potential match with CM Punk, affirming that there’s no heat between them. As the story unfolds, Ringside News will keep fans updated on any developments.

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Ishaan Rathi

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