Maxxine Dupri successfully transitioned into an in-ring competitor, showcasing remarkable progress within the Alpha Academy. However, she recently encountered a wave of boos from the audience at a live event. In response, Trish Stratus has voiced her approval of the women’s roster coming together to support Dupri during this challenging time.

Maxxine Dupri’s reception of boos at a recent WWE live event has ignited debates among fans regarding the justification of the negative reaction, especially considering her limited experience in the wrestling business. WWE Superstars Zelina Vega and Rhea Ripley came to her aid amidst this massive controversy.

While speaking to Slam Wrestling, expressed her satisfaction in seeing fellow women on the roster standing up for Maxxine Dupri. Drawing from her own early career experiences, Stratus empathized with Dupri’s situation and offered words of encouragement. She emphasized the impact of negative criticism on performers and praised the solidarity shown by the women’s roster.

”I think these keyboard warriors have no idea what we do. I suffered it too. They were like, ‘Oh, that (match) was crap.’ Well, you try it. I love that (the women) banded together. Because we all get it, we all go through it, we live it. And it affects us, you know? We have feelings. So when people say something mean, it doesn’t feel that great. So it’s great that we can all use the platform of social media to (unite), and let (the critics) know that they can’t just talk s— and get away with it. I love that we can put them in their place.”


”I think that Maxxine (Dupri) is doing amazing. I think she’s being booked perfectly. I see similar parallels to the way I was booked early on. I believe I have this connection with the fans because of how I came up. I didn’t do the traditional upbringing. I didn’t come in trained, I didn’t do the indies or the ‘minor league’ so to speak. I literally learned on the road – I learned as I went, and everyone was along for the journey. They got to see me fall down. But they also got to see me stand up, dust myself off, and try again.”

Stratus believed Dupri was being booked effectively and compared her journey to her own unconventional path in wrestling. She encouraged Dupri to use the negativity as motivation to prove her critics wrong, citing her own experience of turning criticism into fuel for success. Stratus expressed confidence in Dupri’s abilities, predicting that she would resonate with the audience and have a lasting career.

”And I think she’s doing a great job. She’s athletic, she’s got a great look, she’s gorgeous. I think she’s the perfect underdog story. And I think it’s going to turn around and people are going to click with her, and she’ll be around a long time. And I would (encourage) her to use those negative words as her fuel. I hope she turns it into a fire so that she can go back to them and say, look at what I did now. When I was getting criticized, when people were telling me I’d never succeed, my motivation was to become so good that people couldn’t help but notice. That drove me. Hopefully that can be her fuel as well.”

Maxxine Durpi also admitted that she struggled with so much scrutiny following the WWE live event. This has been incorporated into storyline featuring herself and Candice LeRae as well, so we’ll have to see how the storyline progresses in the coming weeks.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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